Street Nurse and Atkinson Foundation Award Winner Cathy Crowe wrote to Honey Novick saying - "I wish I had YOUR voice!"
  It was good to see you, too, Honey. My daughter Jen had never seen you perform and she was charmed by your sweet rendition of one of Sam Larkin's songs. A great song it was, too, one I hadn't heard before. He had so many!  
Bill Monahan, formerly of Fat Albert's Coffeehouse

  Penn Kemp is Canada's greatest sound poet, in the tradition of bill bissett, Honey Novick and the legendary "Four Horsemen".     Conrad DioDiodato
  Hi Honey:  The show tonight was awesome, thanks so much for your warm and charming hosting.  Your voice is an amazing grace – love-rr
- RuthRuth Stackhouse, director, Friendly Spike Theatre Band
and 2012 City of Toronto Community Access winner
  Thanks, Honey. I was thinking about how amazing it is that in this short time I have gone from being so worried about my voice to singing in public in front of over one hundred people at Dianna's memorial. That is such a credit to you. Thanks you!
- Kate
hi Honey,
I heard your amazing opera voice at the rising sun event and was blown away...u reminded me of maria callas,my favorite.

- fozia baloch

At the end of THELMA WHEATLEY'S talk on "Three Women's Voices in relation to mixed-race intimate relationships.", at
Metissage, Mestizaje, Mixed "Race", and Beyond
she quoted the opening 2 lines of Honey Novick's poem APPEARANCE MATTERS from the chapbook "A CORUSCANT LIFE" published by the Ontario Poetry Society:

"Too White in a Room of Dark People,
Too Dark in a Room of White People."

There was spontaneous applause following the quote.

June 7-8 2011 - OISE, University of Toronto.

6th Critical Multicultural Counselling & Psychotherapy Conference
Centre for Diversity in Counselling & Psychotherapy.


Hi Honey!

Another great rehearsal is done. Give yourself a pat on the back
with still so much ahead we have indeed begun
what will be a remarkable story of perserverance and growth.... I have never seen a cast so happy as ours. The Dega and Delbasid people singing the song. Wasn't Eva brilliant?, so passionate about singing too, this is a testament to your skill and ability to bring people out through the voice.

Aside. There is community art festival tradition that connects through different physical points, and you have shown us that vocal connection is a spiritual as well as artistic thing. Well done!.

I appreciate so your talent and wisdom -rr
RuthRuth Stackhouse, Director
Friendly Spike Theatre Band


... Thank u so much for an interesting and inspiring experience … i would like to explore taking classes with u. i really like yur style, yur take, the way u speak and how free yur mind is and how well-managed yur energy is, to a minute level. i thought it was just breath, but i see, thro u, that breath is just the tip of the iceberg for the whole system of using one's voice effectively.

So please put me on any vocal workshops maillist u have and let me know what yur rates are for privates ... SR


HN has won the Honourable Mention Certificate for her poem, "The Audacious, Outrageous Austin Tatious"...at the Stellar Literary Festival with this accolade...
"Your singing elevated the festival with your "Stellar" performance.

Thank you so much.

Stella Ducker,
Director and founder, Stellar Literary Festival Oshawa


"I grew up singing to the radio, assumed I was in tune and always knew all the words to every new song as soon as it came out. I met, and married, a musician who said my singing "embarrassed" him. Every time I tried to join him in a song, he would stop singing. I had never considered how my voice sounded, and was horrified that I had been inflicting something so unpleasant on others, and so I stopped singing.

Years later, I met Honey Novick and knew she gave people like me the courage to sing again. I joined her group and heard myself uninhibitedly singing along. I was so delighted, I continued with her class and when she said "Sing something", I did!. I'm still trying to find my voice, but I no longer feel inhibited, or worry about how it may sound to others.

Thank you Honey.

Fantastic piece of work....just outstanding!
You captured the spirit perfectly with words, which isn't easy to do.
Thank you for sharing it with me.

Best regards,
.... Q107's Andy Frost re: Yorkville Memories
It was a pleasure to meet you yesterday. Honey I enjoyed your speech very inspiring when touch on the words energy, breathe and focusing and I totally got it. ...Linda McGill
It was nice meeting you at the "Women with Vision" lunch today, and I really enjoyed your talk. I found it very interesting as to how projecting the voice and breathing can make a difference and I also assume it would make a difference in the confidence level of your voice as well.
...Gail L White
"Your star shines brighter because of your support and commitment!" Thank you for giving us your beautiful voice for an evening. Judith Rosenberg, Founder and Director, Spark of Brilliance…Guelph, Ontario

Took my son out for breakfast this morning, and he opined that you are some kind of miracle worker if you got his ma to sing! 'Tis true….Thanks again for your wondrous class last night.
...Kit Wilson-Pote (Spark of Brilliance)

Last night I was fortunate to have seen the Delectable Divas perform at Hart House, University of Toronto in celebration of International Women’s Day. It was a fun night, full of enjoyable and energizing entertainment. One performer Honey Novick, professionally delivered her own spoken word piece: I am welcoming the Crone followed by a most a powerfully moving performance. Honey invoked the ‘crone’ in us with her rendition Adio Querido. This song originated with Ladino Jews during the Spanish Inquisition and has been mostly adapted by Honey into modern Spanish. Tears ran down my face as the audience sat stilled, riveted to her operatic aria. Thrilling and empowering all in one! Honey Novick- diva, bar none! ....Linda Dawn Pettigrew
"I have to say THANK YOU!!! Honey Novick!. Your presentation was beautiful, your voice filled the room and our hearts. .You are a strong and beautiful artist! Keep up the great work!" ....Ruth Ruth, co-director of the Friendly Spike Theatre Band
"Singer/songwriter and host of the event Honey Novick evokes a personal commitment to dignifying, celebrating and unifying performers, audiences and participants of different ages and backgrounds"... Lilita Tannis, Executive Director, URBANARTS Toronto and producer of WOMANVOICE
…"Toronto-born Honey Novick has been referred to as one of Canada's premier avant-garde vocalists….an unusual singer to say the least - her head's into be-bop and her voice is into Stockhausen…" Peter Goddard, Toronto Star
  "…Sumac-like vocal extensions"….John Rockwell, New York Times
  …a perennial bright light…always re-inventing herself…"
Paula Citron, Toronto Star
"a musical philosopher…really delivers the beef…" Clyde Gilmour, CBC's Gilmour's Albums
  "…a performer I'd never heard of (but now can't live without!)
Chris Jennings, Terrace, B.C. to Clyde Gilmour, CBC
  "….a tart in glitz…" Luba Goy, Royal Canadian Air Farce
"The biggest surprise of the night came from Canadian Honey Novick who sang, en Espanol, mind you, an ode to Allen Ginsberg that made my hair stand on end it was so tight."
Southern California Poetix
"…an accomplished opera singer…exciting and beautiful singing …sparked a wonderful emotional response from everyone present!…" David Warner (former speaker of Ontario Legislature) president, Canada-Cuba Friendship Association
"…tender loving care lavished on the (Yiddish) language…."
Ben Rose, Canadian Jewish News
  "…Very soulful. A real sense of your giving yourself to the music rather than using the music for yourself the way some performers do. It really is a tribute to the music. Beautiful, beautiful work that you've done." Steve Levine, Ph.D., Director, ISIS Canada
  "….a Kurt Weill, cabaret feel…haunting and lovely"…
Christopher Jones, Words and Music, SOCAN
"…A state-of-the-art voice…unexpectedly traditional and moving…" David Birkan, Jewish Life
  "…the most inspired recording I've heard in years. Five Stars!
M. Joe, Artist, Idealist
  "…talented, musicologist-singer…" Ben Kayfetz, Jewish Standard
  "I hear Kurt Weill's influence, congratulations"... Philip Glass
RE: poem "An Anecdote Between Miss Ann Thrope and
Ms. X. L. Ent" ... Brilliant! ... June Callwood