Teaches "creative vocalization", scat singing, vocal production

Performs and creates songs / poems for self-expression

Produces Concerts, CDs

  • University of Toronto Faculty of Music
  • York University-Multidisciplinary Arts, Women Studies
  • Waterloo University-Dance Department
  • Ontario College of Art-Mixed Media Department
  • Simon Fraser University, B.C., Multi0media Dept.
  • Toronto Board of Education
  • City of York Board of Education
  • Arts Foundation of Greater Toronto
  • YMCA-Voice in Motion
  • Beverly Hills High School, Beverly Hills, California
  • Guelph Jazz Festival
    (workshop in vocal expression and scat singing

  • Fireweed Magazine
  • New Century Magazine
  • Toronto Star
  • Let the Earth Take Note (Milton Acorn Anthology)
  • Women in the Arts Magazine
  • The Literary Gourmet
  • American Anthology of Poetry
  • Sunday Morning Poetry on Radio Q107


    Wrote music to the poetry of:

  • Pete Seeger
  • Tennessee Williams
  • Milton Acorn
  • Margaret Atwood
  • Itsik Manger

  • New Songs for Peace (with Rick Lazar and Diane Pellier)
  • Rising Toward the Seraphim
    (with Brahm Goldhamer and Rick Sacks)
  • SOLID with Chris Henderson; Beatniks and Other Sacred Voices
  • Novickian Eklektika(with Kevin Hearn and Great Bob Scott)
  • Fortune Baby
  • Small Fish, Big Pond (with the Look People) Victor Skope Singers
  • Songs from the Heart
  • Elvis Mondays with the Look People
  • Darn Folksinger Volume ll (a Fat Albert's Compendium)
  • Sal Mineo, My Friend (CD enclosure with book)

  • Tribute Concerts for Phil Ochs, Judith Merril
    (celebration of annual day of remembrance December 6)
  • In Tribute (wrote music and poetry honouring Jane Jacobs,
    Milton Acorn, bp, Irving Layton, Allen Ginsberg)
  • Beatniks and other Sacred Voices at Fat Albert's

  • "Nobody Swings on Sunday", Harry Rasky director, CBC production
  • "Portrait of a Street- The Heart and Soul of College" Sandra Danilovic director, PBS
  • "Nutcracker Suite" (mouse voice) IMAX
  • General Idea, Jorge Saia director (Miss General Idea);
  • "Avalon" (consultant), director Barry Levinson
  • "Dream Tower" director, Ron Mann
  • "Dream Tower" book by Henry Mietkiewica and Bob Mackowicz
  • "3rd Symposium on Love" Katherine Frey, QTV, NFB
  • "People's Court" TV promo with Jenny Jones